Hill House

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Quality House for the price of an Apartment


RM 500,000

Hill House 

Hill House is a unique design and has to be viewed to be appreciated. Dependent on your needs you can choose to have 3/4 bedrooms. There are three living areas, basement , main floor and attic. The Hill House is located on The House Land slope. The back of the house is level to the ground while the main terrace is approximately 6 m above ground. The Hill House faces North West and is therefore protected from SW winds in the wet season and open for the cool NE winds in the dry season. The style and  construction with double walls ensure the house is cool with  a fresh breeze passing through. The basement has a small separate ( guest ) apartment with livingroom, bedroom and bathroom. A large Storage Room and a Utility Room also located in the basement. A small staircase from the Utility room leads to another bedroom. Ideal for a maid /caretaker.The main level, built on a 15 x 10 m slap, contains the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. There is a  main terrace with an open bar / kitchen area, facing the sea and the surrounding green hills. Living room and kitchen are open to the roof with stylish roof construction, constructed with top quality hard wood, excellent workmanship. From the main level you reach the upper floor, an Attic, which contains a large single room, bath room and a small balcony. From here you have spectacular sea and mountain views. Outside the property 2 covered parking areas sit in the beautiful grounds. There is also enough  land space  to build a small pool.

This house now includes additional adjoining land. This allows the buyer to build an additional driveway to front entrance

Hill House is on Malay Reserve land